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Crowns and bridges are exceptional dental assets that can be used to not only repair the look of your smile, but to also help your overall oral health by assisting your neighboring teeth. Typically, dental crowns and dental bridges are used to restore or replace damaged, decayed, or missing teeth for cosmetic reasons—but they actually do so much more than that. Instead of allowing your remaining permanent teeth to be exposed to additional wear and tear (because they are absorbing the work of the missing tooth or teeth), crowns and bridges can assist the rest of your teeth and help you preserve your original permanent teeth for years to come. Whether you’ve been considering crowns or bridges for cosmetic reasons or for oral health reasons, choose your preferred Mobile, AL dentist Dr. William O’Neal to assist you and let him discuss your options and dental choices during your initial consult!

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a custom-made covering that fits over an original tooth that has either decayed, been damaged, or has cracked. Dental crowns can be manufactured from a variety of different materials such as porcelain, gold, acrylic resin, or a mix of these materials. The treatment plan for a patient receiving a crown usually involves the following:

  • The tooth is first numbed in order to remove the decay in or around it.
  • We then re-sculpt the tooth in order to provide an ideal fit for the crown.
  • Afterwards, we’ll create a physical or digital impression of your teeth so that or lab is able to create the customized dental crown.
  • Finally, we’ll end the session by making a temporary crown out of acrylic resin and then fitting it onto the tooth while your custom crown is being made.

The second appointment will be scheduled after your customized dental crown has been successfully created. Once ready, we'll call you back into our family dentistry to remove the temporary crown and replace it with the custom-made dental crown into your mouth. After we’ve ensured that the dental crown has the proper look and fit, we’ll complete the session by cementing it into place.

What Are Dental Bridges?

When a bridge is made, it’s created by making a prosthetic tooth, that replaces the missing tooth, with dental crowns attached at either end which are made to fit over the two teeth that surround the gap, hence the name “bridge”. A bridge can prevent teeth from shifting, fix bite problems, or ensure the strength and integrity of the surrounding teeth. The treatment plan for a patient receiving a bridge usually involves the following:

  • The area where the patient suffered tooth loss will first be number as this is where bridge will be placed.
  • We then re-sculpt the neighboring teeth, in order to provide a perfect fit for the crowns that will surround the bridge.
  • Finally, we'll create a physical or digital impression of the gap and the surrounding crowns in order to create a customized mold for the bridge and surrounding crowns.

The second appointment will take place after your customized dental bridge has been successfully manufactured. Once ready, we'll bring you back into our cosmetic dentistry to place your dental bridge into your mouth where it will be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Although permanent and removable bridges exist, fixed bridges are the most popular and consist of a filler tooth attached to two crowns in order to hold the bridge in place. "Maryland" bridges, commonly used to replace missing front teeth, use tooth-colored metal bands bonded to surrounding teeth. “Cantilever” bridges, on the other hand, use two crowned teeth positioned next to each other on the same side of the missing tooth.

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Regardless of your needs, we guarantee that we have the best dental crown or dental bridge solution that is unique to you! New technologies have greatly reduced the time needed to make strong, natural-looking crowns and given the proper care, your crowns can last a lifetime! Find out more information for yourself by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. O’Neal online or calling our knowledgeable staff directly by phone at 251.479.5157. Look forward to hearing from you, soon!

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