Bridges and Crowns in Mobile, AL

Bridges and Crowns in Mobile, AL
Posted on 09/21/2021

When it comes to fixing broken teeth or perfecting the aesthetics of a smile, bridges and crowns can deliver wonderful results. If you are looking for a trusted cosmetic and family dentist or dental crowns in Mobile, AL, Dr. William Rowell O’Neal, and his expert team are here for you. We have transformed the smiles of countless patients, using the customized treatment and the latest in dental technology. Read on to discover the benefits of bridges and crowns.

Crowns are Durable, Permanent, and Noninvasive

For patients with missing or broken teeth, crowns and bridges are an excellent solution due to their almost perfect simulation of your natural teeth.

  • Crowns are placed over individual teeth to cover flaws and damage, reinforce the entire tooth, and perfect its appearance. Not only do they look real, but they are also extremely durable and hold up well to daily stress like eating and talking.
  • Dental Bridges can replace teeth that are completely missing, and consist of a replacement tooth (or teeth) to fill the gap, supported on either side by crowns.
  • Unlike dentures, crowns and bridges do not have to be constantly removed and replaced and therefore won’t wear down your teeth, gums, and jaws with use.
  • They are different from more permanent dental implants because they do not require surgery, meaning they can be installed quickly and you can get right back to your routine.

Restore Chewing and Talking, Eliminate Pain

Broken teeth can be extremely uncomfortable to live with, whether they affect your speech or make chewing painful. The inside of the tooth is full of sensitive nerve endings which are exposed to the sensation when teeth are damaged or otherwise compromised, and a dental crown can mitigate this sensitivity and restore function to the teeth.

It’s Worth Investing in a Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is one of the most striking features of the face, and the first thing we see when we meet someone new. Fixing broken or missing teeth with crowns and bridges is not only practical for daily living, but it also gives patients an incredible boost in confidence that can open the door to new opportunities, and improve appearance, outlook, and mood.

Personalized Treatment

It is our pledge at Dr. William Rowell O’Neal Sr. DMD Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to match the best treatment plan to your specific needs, to efficiently deliver results that will last a lifetime. If you believe dental bridges or crowns may be right for you, request an appointment and you will receive a full consultation. We offer comprehensive cosmetic and preventative dental care for patients of all ages, so contact us today and begin your journey to a brighter smile.

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